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Vaastu Tips for Your Home


vastubanner1A legacy which has been passed on by generations over centuries, Vaastu Shastra is the science of construction and architecture which has been developed on the basis of beliefs from the Hindu and Buddhist culture. A mix and match of various scientific rules in terms of mathematics, geometry, symmetry and directional layouts, Vaastu Shastra aims at bringing health, wealth and prosperity to a household by optimizing its design, layout and placement.

With the help of Vaastu Shastra, you can increase the positive energy in your home by arranging it in a particular manner so as to allow good vibes to usher into the household. Arranging the home can translate to structural changes as well as making specific changes to the design and layout of fixtures and furniture inside the house, depending on the requirement.

These energies are believed to influence the home and the lives of their occupants, thus making it necessary to follow Vaastu principles in order to ensure the well being of the family. Here, we have for you a set of efficient Vaastu tips to make your abode brimming with warmth and positivity. Read on, and bring the blessings of Vaastu Shastra to your household:

  • First and foremost, ensure that the earth on which the foundation of the home is being laid is worshipped prior to commencement of construction. Bhoomi Poojan, or worshipping of the ground, is one of the most important aspects of Vaastu Shastra.
  • The main entrance is the most important source of energy for a house. Having said that, it is important to ensure that maximum positive energy is ushered into the home via the main entrance. Preferably, the main entrance should be facing towards East, North or North-East. These are three directions which allow the flow of maximum positive energy. Doors and entrances facing South and South East are best avoided, as they are ominous and are said to bring illness, anger and problems to the occupants.
  • The location of the kitchen also plays a very important role in Vaastu Shastra. It is advised that the kitchen should be located in the South-East corner of the home, with the gas stove placed in such a manner that anyone cooking should be facing East.
  • Structurally, the kitchen should not be located in front of the main entrance, and either the kitchen itself or the gas stove in it should be towards South-East.
  • Salt is a mineral substance that is considered to be effective in reducing the prevailing negative energy inside a house. It is a good idea to place bowls of salt in various parts of the house and keep changing them regularly.
  • Mirrors should be placed carefully. Especially in the bedroom, it is important to keep mirrors from facing the bed, as it is said to draw negativity and ill health.
  • Another simple and easy way to rid your home of negative energies is to put a lemon inside a container of water inside your home and change it regularly, preferably every weekend.

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While Vaastu Sharstra is best applied to a home while chalking out the designs on paper, one should be aware that in order to apply Vaastu Shastra to an already constructed home, it is not necessary to deconstruct the entire house; minor changes in placement and the addition of certain objects, metals and colours can help you rid your home of any Dosh without having to bring down a wall or reconstructing the entire home.

Bear in mind these useful Vaastu tips while buying a new home to ensure positivity in your household.

God Bless You!