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Finding an earthquake-resistant apartment

Finding an earthquake-resistant apartment
Check with the builders if they are following the govt’s safety norms Delhi-NCR falls in the seismic zone and is prone to tremors. Hence, builders are usually constructing complexes that can sustain jolts.

However, ensuring the safety of your family and your home is primarily your responsibility. So how does one ensure one is buying into an earthquake resistant complex?
Here are a few tips you need to follow:


–    “If you are buying an apartment, ensure it is from a reputed builder. They generally follow the government-recommended safety stipulations. Documents to this effect are with the developer, and you can cross-check them to ensure you are safe,” says Dhirendar Patil, an architect and construction consultant for several leading developers.

–    Check with the architect if support walls (also called shear walls) are raised near elevators and staircases and other hollow areas in the ground. This, as per experts, is a basic check that confirms to the layman that the developer is aware of earthquake-proofing regulations.

–    Apartments are invariably raised on columns. In a seismic-prone area, these columns go deep into the ground (about 2.5 metres). Confirm this at the time of booking.

Additional precautions:

  • When planning interiors, it is a good policy to use lower shelves for heavier pieces (decorative or otherwise).
  • All shelves from kitchen cupboards to wardrobes must have hard door fasteners.
  • Install automatic gas and electricity shutdown that get triggered even by mild tremors.
  • Check if the elevators are programmed to move to the nearest floor and freeze only after the door is opened for safety of those inside.

Luxury living options in Noida

Luxury living options in Noida

There are no less than 18 projects at various levels of development that offer high-end luxury lifestyles in the price category of Rs 1-3 crore.

If you love a luxurious lifestyle and don’t mind spending on a high-end flat or villa, Noida today offers many options.
According to HappyKeys data, there are no less than 18 projects at various levels of development that offer high-end luxury lifestyles in the price category of Rs 1 crore to Rs 3 crore.


Basic facilities offered in these projects include high-end tile/designer tiles or marble flooring for the interiors, large specified indoor game rooms, clearly demarcated children’s play area and senior citizen walk and seating zones, cycle paths, yoga and meditation centres, intercom facility, maintenance staff, landscaped gardens and butterfly parks.

Comforts and conveniences also include centrally air-conditioned towers, in-house club with international facilities, swimming pool, sports facilities like badminton and basketball courts, shopping mall within the complex, Vaastu-friendly apartment layouts and more.

Several projects also offer private amenities like indoor Jacuzzi and other high-end kitchen and bathroom fittings per apartment.


Mostly expected to be completed by 2016-17, these projects are strategically located and often in the vicinity of developed social infrastructure, promoted by renowned Category A developers.

Some of the projects that offer within the said budget listed in Happy Keys include the likes Sunworld Vanalika, Prateek Stylome, Wave Eminence, Brys Celeste Towers and SAHA Amadeus.

Other offerings by established players in the market include Supertech, Paramount and Amrapali to name a few.
Broadly, the units are 3BHK and 4BHK residences. Many of the apartments are set up in a ground plus two floor format and range in sizes is between 2,600 square feet to 4,600 square feet.

Realty Market Picks Up in Greater Noida

Realty market in Gr Noida The region has witnessed the maximum number of project launches at various stages of construction in contrast to the core Noida market.
Greater Noida and Greater Noida (West) have witnessed rapid development in terms of infrastructure and basic amenities. This combined with upcoming Metro line and increase in green area has made the area attractive to developers.

The area has witnessed the maximum number of project launches at various stages of construction. This is in direct contrast to the core Noida market, which reported a relatively lesser number of projects in the last one year.

“Post the Supreme Court judgment, one factor that has worked in favour of Greater Noida is that financial institutions, which were holding back on investment, opened their purse strings to developers and builders. This has resulted in giving the required impetus for several new projects in addition to boosting under-construction projects,” says Tushaar Dua of Avid Associates & Property Advisors.

Price advantage

The one key factor working in favour of Greater Noida is its affordability.

According to HappyKeys data, you can easily buy a 1BHK apartment in the micromarket for as low as Rs 20 lakh while a 2BHK with a unit size of about 850 square feet is available for Rs 29-30 lakh.
Sectors reporting fast development include Sectors 1, 4, 22 (including A and D), 16 and 16C. Other popular sectors include the ones in proximity to TechZone 4, Sector 2 and Chi-Phi.

What’s out there

Developers in this micro-market include Supertech, Jaypee, Lotus Group and Panchsheel.
2BHK in this area is available in the price range of Rs 29 lakh to Rs 40 lakh, catering to a wide demography of home buyers. Broadly, the unit sizes being offered here are between 850 and 1,200 square feet.

Almost 80 per cent of the offerings in the market cater to this segment. Some of the players include Lotus Group with Lotus Greens project, Nirala Greenline and Panchsheel Greens.

In the upper price range of Rs 60 lakh to about Rs 1.5 crore, offerings are varied from apartments to villas and even a few plotted communities.
Interestingly, you can even get a 3BHK at about Rs 35 Lakh and above. Developers offering in this price range include Imperia Group, Jaypee and Supertech.
On an average, a 3BHK unit here is in the price range of Rs 35-Rs 90 lakh for sizes varying from 1,250-2,600 square feet.
“If you compare the prime areas in Noida with those located in Greater Noida, there is an average price difference of 10-30 per cent. And it is this value for money that is making the place attractive,” says Kuldip Singh, a freelance property advisor and consultant, with over a decade of experience in the Noida-Greater Noida Market. “Thus though social infrastructure is still to develop here, there is optimism given the planned infrastructure development underway.”


Making the bedroom look cozy and spacious

Interior designer Subhashini Kumar lists the steps one can take to maximize the space of this room and give it an elegant look. As a general rule, a lot of attention and money is invested in the living-dining room when buying an apartment. But when it comes to the bedroom, other than the bed and the wardrobe and a possible mirror, not much attention is given to other things.

Happy Keys spoke to Subhashini Kumar, an interior expert and designer with over a decade of experience, on the steps to take to make this private room comfortable, maximize its space and give it an elegant look. This what she said:

Even if you are stuck with a small bedroom, there are ways to plan your bedroom furniture and necessities so that you can comfortably move around in the space as well as fit in all the necessary pieces.


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All it requires is some careful planning and implementation.

The bed
The bed occupies a major part of this room. Although in a small room, one may be tempted to place the bed in one corner, this may mean the person sleeping in the extreme corner may get very little air even if the room is air-conditioned.
A better and more comfortable place to keep the bed is in along the wall adjacent to the entrance. Here is an example: The most visible wall is usually the one opposite the entrance door. The wall that runs perpendicular to the door on the left side is an excellent to place the bed even if it is a double bed. This gives the impression of wider length and breadth to the room.

Fix a full-length mirror on the outermost door and make an area to keep your makeup kit in a niche above the drawers. Beds with storage drawers (about a couple of them at least) are a must in a small bedroom for storing bed linens and other knick-knacks.

In a small bedroom, space is always a premium. Hence, have a wardrobe that has sliding doors with the rollers on top. Not only does this occupy less space which a normal door requires when opening, the rollers on top ensure dust-free smooth movement.

You can either have four large drawers from the bottom to roughly about two-third part of the cupboard with hanging facilities on the remaining one-third.

Beyond side tables
In a small bedroom, it is a smarter move to have full length cupboards with storage space and an open space to double up as bedside tables on both sides. A low wooden loft above the bed at about five and half feet is also a good option for storage.

Keeping the colors light — off whites, beige, light green or blue or yellow – for walls, curtains, woodwork and bed linen keeps the room from getting claustrophobic. A colorful niche near the windows or on the bedside shelves with a concealed bright lighting makes the room look cozy and comfortable.


Getting a good Deal when Buying Resale Property

A list of key things a prospective buyer of such units must look for

There are several ready-to-move-in apartments available in Delhi NCR, many of which are resale properties.

“Those who paid the booking amount and blocked apartments are now ready to sell and book profits with the markets looking up. These properties generally fall into two categories — completed homes ready for sale and those expected to be completed soon. Though the prices of such units are higher, it does cut the waiting period that one associates with property investments,” says Sushant Mukhtiani, a property consultant in Noida with over a decade’s experience.

What are some of the key things a prospective buyer of such units must look for? HappyKeys talked to several industry experts for important tips to gain the most from a resale deal.

“The thing to look for in the case of a resale property is the presence of existing or upcoming lifestyle projects,” says Anand Kalra of Sri Durga Real Estates. “An upscale project in the neighbourhood is a good option to look for, even if you are aiming to buy a modest dwelling.”

Kalragives the example of a client who bought a 2BHK unit from a mid-segment developer in Noida in close proximity to Jaypee Greens Kosmos project.  “Though the complex he bought the flat in is a modest one, the main access to the area is maintained by Jaypee Greens which is a super luxury residential project. Thus, simply by the virtue of its strategic location, the housing complex gets a green upmarket feel despite being a modest on,” says Kalra.

Getting a good price
“A resale property is not necessarily more expensive than a newly-launched one,” says Veenalini Makhija, one of the few freelance women property advisers in Delhi-NCR. “In fact, you can even get a good price if you can identify some micro-markets that have a marked oversupply. Alternately, localities where planned development has been postponed or delayed are good targets. In both these categories, one can get apartments at a good rate. The current owner has to essentially keep the sale price lower than the one being quoted by developers in the area.”

The checklist also includes:

  • Verifying the title records
  • Ensuring property specifications conform to the ones on official documents
  • Builder-buyer agreement and original payment receipts
  • Reason/s the owner is selling the property.
  • This is important. In case the property being sold by someone who originally planned to live there, find out the reasons for the owner’s change of mind,” says Makhija.
  • In case the property is part of a housing society, rules and controls with regards to the sale need to be checked and adhered to.


delhi NCR

Kaushambi – A prize location but a civic mess

Thanks to Kejriwal, Kaushambi is now a familiar name across India. But this tryst with fame hasn’t translated into better living conditions for its nearly residents.

Right at the doorstep of Ghaziabad, Kaushambi was developed as prime real estate because of its locational advantage, adjacent to NH-24 and right next to Anand Vihar on the Delhi border. But in the zeal to cash in on the housing boom, town planners overlooked, or ignored, a crucial aspect that the area marked for residential development was wedged between two sources of constant pollution, NH-24 and the Sahibabad industrial area.

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Greater Noida: 21,000 allottees will start getting possession by March, 2016

There is good news for allottees of plots along the Yamuna Expressway as Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority said 21,000 allottees will start getting possession by March next year 

There is good news for allottees of plots along the Yamuna Expressway as the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) said that 21,000 allottees will start getting possession by March next year.

The size of the plots ranges from 300 sqm to 4,000 sqm in sectors 18 and 20. The plots were put up for sale in the year 2009. But it faced several delays, however, as farmers from 77 villages, whose lands were acquired, demanded higher compensation. The plots were then priced at Rs 4,750 per sqm and were allotted through a lucky draw.

As per officials, allottees are facing a delay in securing possession of their plots due to farmer agitations.  More