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Now Ghaziabad To Gurgaon In New, Swank AC Buses

This new service will be a boon for travelers between Ghaziabad and Gurgaon. Daily, hundreds of office-goers ply on this route and complain of long travel hours and incessant travel breaks

A new bus service from the UP Roadways will make commuting between Ghaziabad and Gurgaon a tad easier, beginning from January 19. This will benefit hundreds of office-goers facing commuting problems. These air-conditioned buses ply from Kaushambi bus depot via Sarai Kale Khan. One leaves at 6 am, the other at 6.30 am.

On their return journey, they start from Gurgaon’s Sector 37 bus depot at 8 pm and 8.30 pm. One way fare has been fixed at Rs 79.
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Ghaziabad: City With Property Options Galore

A new industry report has named Ghaziabad among the top 10 Indian cities that offer low budget property options. We do a quick roundup on the city and pick out areas that offer small ticket property options

Yojana Sharma
For home buyers seeking affordable property in Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad has long been a favourite destination. This perception has now been confirmed by a new report by JLL India. This report has listed the top 10 Indian cities where affordable real estate options are available and Ghaziabad finds a mention. In fact, Ghaziabad is the only city from the Delhi NCR to make it to the list.

After Noida, Ghaziabad is the only city in the Delhi NCR real estate market which is growing consistently in terms of area profile and civic infrastructure. The city is well connected to Noida and Delhi and has seen a spurt in real estate projects in the last decade.

“Ghaziabad has always been a revenue-generating area,” says Dhiraj Jain, director of Mahagun Group. He adds that the scope to earn good here brings in migrant population and this population influx has boosted the residential development.

Ghaziabad growing gradually
While Gurgaon and Noida have long been hailed as NCR cities, Ghaziabad has been slowly catching up. “Property prices in Gurgaon are high and property options in central Noida are limited. A property buyer, who has budget limitation, can either go to Greater Noida-West or consider Ghaziabad. And Ghaziabad is a better option in that comparison,” says Sanjay Chauhan from VK Solutions.

Ghaziabad has many factors to its favour –

–         Well connected to Delhi, Noida and UP west
–         Proximity to industries
–         Has metro connectivity and work for second corridor is in progress
–         Traffic situation will improve with widening of Delhi-Meerut Expressway
–         Has been selected for the government’s Smart City project

Mr. Dhiraj Jain (Director - Mahagun Group)

“Ghaziabad enjoys the advantage of close proximity to both Delhi and Noida, which has acted as a catalyst in its development. It has always been an industrial centre that employs a large workforce at various levels. Now with the entry of multinational giants like ITC and Coca Cola, the potential of Ghaziabad to become a commercial hub has increased manifold boosting the retail segment as well,” says Dhiraj Jain.

A city on the upswing
The city witnessed 42 per cent increase in its population between 2001 and 2011. With this population rise, civic and social infrastructure is also seeing an upswing. More than a dozen of property developers have initiated real estate projects in the city.

Prominent developers are Mahagun, Saya Group, Wave Infratech, Prateek, Supertech, ABA Corp Tech, Amrapali and Shipra.  Popular locations for small ticket property include NH 27, Crossings Republik, Siddhartha Vihar and Dasna.

Jain recommends localities such as Vaishali, Indirapuram, Kaushambi and Vasundhara in Ghaziabad. He believes investment in these locations will have better prospects and appreciation in the future.

entertainment hub noida

Noida Set To Become Entertainment Hub

Noida’s infrastructure is being ramped up to accommodate new residents. Alongside, glitzy recreational options are being added to keep residents enthralled

Yojana Sharma
When Noida was established in the1976, the planners saw it as an extension of Delhi’s industrial corridors. Forty years later, Noida is among the most prominent cities in India and has extended up to Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway regions.

In these years Noida’s real estate segment saw an unprecedented growth. The city came to be known as the home for new settlers. And now Noida is quietly modifying its infrastructure to become an entertainment destination.

Multiple adventure zones in the offing
Presently, Noida has an adventure zone right next to The Great India Place mall, called the ‘Worlds of Wonder’. Right next to it, a new sprawling amusement zone called Kidzania is being built. Another ambitious Mall of Adventure has started operations in Greater Noida.

These are apart from the regular fun zones, game pools and kids’ corners that are operational in Noida malls. Also, recently Sanjay Lake in Mayur Vihar – Noida’s neighbouring area – was opened up for adventure seekers.

kids“Noida has a lot of potential in terms of entertainment,” says Pankaj Kodesia, vice president-business development at IRPPL Group – a parent body for Worlds of Wonder amusement park. “We saw double footfall this holiday season,” he says elaborating that they planned new activities to enthrall the guests. “We had a red-carpeted pathway decorated with string yellow lights illuminating the entrance to the amusement park where a twenty-foot tall Christmas tree stood.”

Spike in residential pushing the local infra
Between 2001 and 2011, Noida has seen a rise in population by almost 52 per cent. And this number is only growing with every passing year. With new residents come new demands in the existing infrastructure. Arun Kumar from Homes Now brokerage firm has been working in Noida region for a decade.

He says that now all new developments promise amusement options alongside.

“Earlier people were only concerned by the builder’s reputation or construction quality of the houses. Now they inquire for houses and locations that have all facilities nearby — mostly shopping, educational and recreational so that the kids don’t have to go too far to have a good time,” he says. And proximity to these fancy options comes at a cost, which many don’t mind paying for.

Under Construction

Buying an Under-Construction Resale Flat

With the Noida market battling over-supply, realtors feel it is a good time to buy resale apartments in projects going slow

Buying an under-construction property, which has been put on resale, is not a bad investment. The prices are lower than an apartment ready for possession and one can make a good profit once the flat is ready. But there are many things a buyer needs to keep in mind while going for such a resale property.

“It reduces the waiting period for owning the property and the rates are generally attractive. It is only after the possession letter is given that the property’s rate goes up,” said Shadav Khan of Raj Nandini Real Estate.

With the Noida market battling over-supply, realtors feel it is a good time to buy resale apartments in projects going slow.

“Resale is beneficial as the owner makes his/her profit since the chances are he/she would have invested in the property at the pre-launch stage. It benefits the buyer too since the prices usually escalate as the project nears completion,” said Khan.

Under Construction1

“Thus, if the first buyer bought the property at about Rs 3,500 per square feet, buying the resale house before completion and handover means the price would hover between Rs 3,700 and Rs 3,900 per square feet,” Khan said.

In today’s scenario of oversupply and plateaued returns, resale properties are available at lower prices in many markets, especially where there is high investor participation.

Here are some things one should know before buying a resale under-construction property in Noida:  

  1. Since the property is still under-construction, developers may levy transfer charges. But this varies from developer to developer. According to HappyKeys research, the charges vary between Rs 100 and Rs 500 per square feet. However, some developers do not charge anything if the sale is within family.
  1. If the property is being sold by someone who had originally intended to live in it, find out the reason. “My wife and I almost agreed to invest in an under-construction property put up for resale. Then we found out the reason for the sale. The apartment was on the seventh floor, and the builder has been able to obtain approvals for six floors till then,” says Shiv Govind, a Noida resident.
  1. Also check the loan the first owner is paying and go through the original property documents mortgaged with a bank or financial institution. The existing owner needs to repay the loan before all original documents are released.

Promising Start For Noida Realty In 2016

Noida and Greater Noida have witnessed a slew of positive developments right at the onset of New Year.  We take a stock of these developments and how 2016 will fare for the region’s real estate Property segment

Year 2016 has started on a high note for Noida. The city saw two new malls — DLF Mall of India and Unitech Gardens Galleria — kick off their operations at the onset of holiday season. These two malls are located next to Sector 18 and The Great India Place spoiling shoppers for choice. Next to these malls is an already operational ‘Worlds of Wonder’ which is a retreat for entertainment junkies.

Also, right on the verge of this New Year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation of Delhi-Meerut Expressway which will be built at cost of Rs 7,566 crore. The work for expansion of Noida  Metro has already gathered steam.


Before 2016 end, more than 5,000 flats in new sectors — 77, 78, 79, 137 – will be up for possession. For home seekers and realtors alike, this news brings cheer for they mean a positive impact in infrastructure and investment.

Noida: Preferred destination for new home buyers

Noida has been on the radar of home buyers for long. However, the city’s social and physical infrastructure has witnessed unprecedented growth in the last five years only.

The advent of Metro in Noida has made commuting much easier. A resident of Sector 21, Amrit Lal Arora admits that travelling was a big problem earlier and Metro has boosted real estate prospects here.

“Many people living in Noida work in or around Delhi. Metro has become a lifeline for such daily commuters. Also, the number of local autos and three-wheeler rickshaws plying n the city has gone up considerably making it tad easy to travel within the city,” he added. This has pushed the property prices also, he said admitting that young couples and those living alone make up the largest chunk of home seekers group here.

This sentiment was echoed in Colleirs International’s report as well. The ‘Residential Preference Survey 2015’ by real estate services and consultancy giant Colliers International hinted that Noida was perceived to be most livable by most respondents.

Malls and entertainment add magic to Noida realty

Besides the new malls in Sector 18, five more malls are gearing up to start operation in the next two years in Noida-Greater Noida area. These malls are not just limited to shopping only. Themed developments are also making a foray into Noida real estate via these retail centres. Greater Noida already has a newly opened Mall of Adventure and a proposed wedding mall as well. This is in addition to the Entertainment City which is already present adjacent to Sector 18.

Noida no more a suburb
Noida was earlier pegged only as an IT-ITeS office destination but quickly became the preferred residential zone in the NCR. Vikas Jain from Jain Realtors said he receives 10-15 home seekers’ queries daily for Noida region. “Noida has so much choice — from serviced flats to gated communities and even flats, plots and society living. There is an option available in every budget, unit size and area/locality,” he said, adding that this number has only grown.

Another property broker Kumar from VK Property shared that earlier, single women and girls avoided Noida. “Earlier the mindset was Noida is far off; transportation is not proper and it is in UP. With time, things have changed here. Malls, clubs, pubs, premium hotels, recreational places, entertainment zones and even basic amenities have gone up by many notches. Now every day there is new positive news about Noida. That creates a better sense for Noida,” he said.

Kumar said he receives a good number of property inquiries from women as well.

With so much in swing, looks like year 2016 will be a positive one for the Noida realty market. 


Smart Designing For The Family Lounge

Interior designer Pooja Bhatia says uniqueness of each element in the lounge creates the perfect backdrop for fun and quality time for family members

The family lounge is a section of the house where family spends their substantial entertainment time of the day and should reflect the taste of the people residing in the house.

Pooja Bhatia, a senior interior designer at Design In Vogue, lists the points that need to be kept in mind while planning the lounge’s interiors.

The Basics
There should be warm and comfortable couch or seating arrangements since one spends long hours in the lounge. The seating could be a combination of L-shaped sofa with recliners or single seater with foot stools. The colour-scheme should be mainly neutral with highlights of bright cushions.

Ensuring lighting to be a combination of indirect coves and general ambient lighting is an intelligent move as it gives a good ambiance as well as adding the necessary brightness to a space.

Keep a gadget zone which has the necessary wiring for a full-equipped sound system to enhance the regular sound quality. The TV cabinet should be placed in such a manner that it provides maximum direct viewing and makes regular TV experience comfortable. The TV unit should be designed in such a manner that adequate space is allocated for storage of CDs, DVDs, books and a sleek display for artifacts.


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The Accessories
Elements of interest in the living area can be family photo wall where a combination of different sizes of photo frames is arranged in an aesthetic manner, with a neutral background such that the pictures catch the attention.

Accessories form an important aspect of the family lounge. In an existing family lounge, a lamp, bright coloured rug and some bright cushions can add the necessary statement to otherwise plain and simple room. Carpets can demarcate the play area for the children. A large cushion/bean bag with a small mat can be reading area for adults. Demarcating activity zones is a smart and easy way to arrange and decorate the living area.

Prices, Connectivity Drive Expressway Property Sales

noida-expressway-property-PlanningSome of the leading  offering projects in the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway area are Lotus Group, Supertech, Imperia, Nirala and Panchsheel

The Noida-Greater Noida Expressway area is set to emerge as a major residential and commercial hub. The area begins from Amity Crossing and goes up to Pari Chowk, and is expected to grow a lot in the future.

Affordability and fast infrastructure development are the main reasons I would give for investing along the Noida Expressway,” says Rakesh Ralli of Ralli Estates.
Also, given that there are several malls in the vicinity, I would say the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway area is well-suited for end users. Investors will profit once the Noida Metro starts running. So it is an excellent area to target.

The offerings here cater to wide segment.

For example, you can get a 1BHK unit of 625 square feet at Rs 20 lakh and a 2BHK of 1,105 square feet unit size for over Rs 40 lakh. For 2 BHKs with larger unit sizes, the price is about Rs 45 lakh. And 3 BHK units are available for around Rs 55 lakh.

“The cost of flats in the area is currently much lower as compared other neighbourhoods in Noida,” says Dev Chauhan of United EstateMart. “The fact that there are several emerging IT and manufacturing hubs nearby will cut the commute time to work that office goers will face if they live along the expressway in these areas..”

Some of the leading developers offering in this segment according to HappyKeys data are Lotus Group, Supertech, Imperia, Nirala, Panchsheel and Wegmans.

Infrastructure and connectivity

This is the other factor that makes this stretch attractive for investors and end users alike. The metro network from City Centre in Noida is expected to go along Sector 62, Sector 71, and then to Greater Noida. Once this is complete, the time required for travelling to central parts of Delhi will be greatly reduced.

Also, people living in these sectors can also quickly reach South Delhi via Kalindi Kunj or Ashram.

Social infrastructure-wise too, the stretch is developed. Jaypee Hospital, JS Hospital, and Yatharth Wellness are already there in the vicinity.

In terms of schools, some well-known ones located in proximity include DPS, Lotus Valley, Mayur Public, Somerville International and Jaypee International, The Great India Place and Noida Centrals are the closest malls while Ansal Plaza is located near Pari Chowk. DLF’s Mall of India opposite the Great India Place has also opened.

“Given these facilities and the upcoming connectivity, one can expect property prices rise to Rs 8,000 per square feet once the metro is ready in about three years, which is a good jump for investors putting their money in these properties,” says Chauhan.