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CCTV Cameras On Mobile Towers To Watch Over Noida

The Noida Authority is planning to install high definition CCTV cameras on mobile towers across the city to improve the surveillance system. The video feed will be transmitted to the police control room.

The Noida Authority is planning to install high definition CCTV cameras on mobile towers across the city to improve the surveillance system. In the first stage, about 57 cameras will be installed on the towers. The video feed will be transmitted to the police control room using high bandwidth fibre optic cables. According to Noida Authority officials, mobile tower operators will be provided with extra space to install cell towers in lieu of the company installing cameras and transmitting the video feed to the police control room free of cost through broadband fibre optic lines with a bandwidth of at least 2 Mbps.  More>>


Noida to Launch AC Buses1

Noida to Launch AC Buses By June

Noida to Launch AC BusesCommuters in the twin cities can heave a sigh of relief this summer as Noida will have an air-conditioned city bus service by June. The city buses will also connect Greater Noida.

Commuters in the twin cities can heave a sigh of relief this summer as Noida will have an air-conditioned city bus service by June this year. UP Chief secretary on Thursday asked Noida to launch an air-conditioned city bus service. The proposed bus routes will connect all metro stations in the city as well as provide last-mile connectivity to people who depend on public transport. The city buses will also connect Greater Noida. The buses will be equipped with ultra-modern facilities, like CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi, notification for destinations, and an alarm system for women safety, and there will also be drinking water facilities at all bus stations, he said, while chairing the budget meeting of the Noida Metro Rail Company (NMRC) in Lucknow.  More>>
Noida to Launch AC Buses1

Real Estate Bill1

Rajya Sabha Passes Real Estate Bill

The Rajya Sabha approved the much-awaited Real Estate Bill, which seeks to regulate the property industry, bring in transparency and help to protect consumer interests.

The Rajya Sabha passed the much-awaited Real Estate Bill, prompting PM Narendra Modi to hail it as “great news for home buyers”. The bill, which aimed at protecting the buyers from real estate developers and seeks to regulate the property sector, bring in transparency, is now slated to be taken up by the Lok Sabha session on March 7.

Real Estate Bill

According to the Bill, the builders will have to deposit a minimum of 70% collections from buyers in a separate escrow account to cover cost of construction and land. State-level Real Estate Regulatory Authorities will be established to regulate transactions related to both residential and commercial projects and ensure their timely completion and handover. Under the real estate bill passed by Rajya Sabha, no pre-launching of projects will be allowed without getting all approvals from the local development or municipal authority and without obtaining registration from the regulator. All incomplete projects are to come under the regulation. The rules that will be made subsequently will make provisions for taking care of already completed projects.


Mixed Use Projects Pick Up In Noida

The idea of having retail and commercial units in the residential complexes is finding favour with developers, Noida Authority, buyers and investors. Here is a low down on prominent mix-use projects in the city .

The demand for mix use (commercial-cum-residential) projects in Noida is increasing in the new and upcoming sectors in Noida. This is a good option for investment since the rental yield is higher when compared to purely residential property and being a commercial property one can use it for business purpose as well.

Keeping this fact in mind, Noida Development Authority has prepared a roadmap to promote mixed land-use activities along the several parts of Noida, Greater Noida and the Expressway. This will subtly fulfill the rising demand for commercial and retail structures in this region.. The demand for property on this stretach is already on rise since the new settlers in Delhi-NCR prefer Noida-Greater Noida region for the abundance of property options in every budget range. Along with the residential property, the sale of mixed landuse projects is on an upswing too. As a result, several developers in association with the  civic bodies are coming up with innovative approach and making huge effort to meet the rising demand.

Fast Facts:
According to Noida’s Master Plan 2031- Noida development authority has allocated 98.59 hectares of land for the development of such projects. A city level commercial center has been proposed in sectors like 32 and 25A near city center. Some major commercial centers have also been proposed along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. The Noida Authority had already declared sectors like 62, 78,105, 108,124,125, 126, 127, 132, 135, 136, 142, 143, 144, 153 and 154 open for commercial activities.

Wave Infratech launched ‘Wave City Center’ is one of the largest residential-cum-commercial development, located just in the heart of Noida. This unit is built over 152 acres of prime land and has a good combination of residential and studio apartments, and corporate offices.

Dhiraj Jain, director of Mahagun Group, says “commercial-cum-residential development has become the buzz word in real estate these days since the compact, coherent land use pattern offers residents an excellent opportunity for short commutes to work and convenience shopping. Investing in these projects has its own share of advantages. It promotes a sense of community. The ensuing increase in walking and decrease in short trips by automobiles both benefit individual health and reduce traffic congestion and energy consumption for transportation. The more time an individual spends commuting in car and travelling to run errands like grocery shopping, the less time one has to enjoy their hard earned money. The concept helps ease this dynamic by creating an environment where residents can live, work and play all in close proximity. It maximizes space usage, has amenities and tends to alleviate traffic.”

Mr. Dhiraj Jain (Director - Mahagun Group)

Dimple Bhardwaj,  general manager at Raheja Developers, says: “Mixed use development primarily famous internationally has caught the grip in the Indian market also. A concept of work, stay, shop, dine, leisure under one roof is the kind of lifestyle that one desires now-a-days. It is rather wastage of precious time commuting from one destination to another which can be fruitfully utilised in a much productive manner, rather, invested to enjoy life at the fullest. Enjoy a dip in the pool, workout at a gym, play indoor games with friends and family, enjoy shopping and fine dining without the worry to drive back home if getting late.”

Check out the mixed use projects that are coming up at various locations of Noida.

Project Location Status
Wave City Center Sector 32, Noida Under Construction
Supernova Sector 94, Noida Under Construction
Logix City Center Sector 32, Noida Under Construction
Logix  Riveria Sector 105, Noida Proposed
Logix Galaxia Sector 140, Noida Proposed
La Premiere Sector 124, Noida Proposed
Unnati Fortune World Sector 144, Noida  Under Construction
Lotus Isle  Sector 98, Noida Under construction
Oh My God Sector 129, Noida Under Construction
World One Sector 90, Noida Under Construction
Gaur Smart Homes Gaur City, Noida Extension Under Construction
Wave Metro Mart Sector 32, Noida Under Construction
The Down Town Sector 98, Noida Under Construction
Spectrum Metro Sector 75, Noida Under Construction

1BHK Units Turn Popular In Noida

Even in a tough real estate market, single units or 1 BHKs have more takers than any other property option. Here is a slice of how the market dynamics are moving.

Noida has a huge population of young, single workers who prefer the city for the ample choices in affordable property. The city has a huge supply of PG, rental and shared accommodations. Alongside, and surprisingly so, the city also has a decent supply of the 1BHK Flat in Noida property options.

One BHK units are mostly lapped up by the young professionals for end use or by investors for further renting. The young professionals looking to buy their first home feel that owning a property serves many purposes:

–   First, having a property for self use and saving on rentals which increase by every passing year and have limitations on property use and maintenance as well

–   Second, investing in a market which is poised only to rise and breaking on investment in near future

–   Thirdly, creating a life time asset

Gen Y workers have considerably good salaries at starting level and can save enough to consider property purchase right in the beginning of their careers. This mindset has given rise to many buyers for singly units and serviced apartments everywhere.

–   1 BHK property is perfectly adequate for an individual’s needs A confusing point for the middle class buyer – usually is whether to buy a small unit or a bigger flats. It is something called deadlock position after consulting or hunting the various options available.

Let us explore the innumerable housing options available in Noida – Greater Noida area and the benefits that a 1 BHK property brings along.

Alok Srivastava, the area sales manager at Gaur Citysays, “small ticket size property in Noida – Greater Noida are perfect for investment as a rented house and for secure living as well. If you are newly-wed and are in the initial stage of your career as well then you can think of buying a 1 BHK flats rather than living in rented house as it will go easy on your pocket and will also give you a satisfaction of having your own house”.

According to Vikash Gupta, the manager of Oasis Group, “The 1 BHK extended (1 BHK+1 kids room) apartments coming along the Yamuna Expressway are affordable and will give good returns in resale in a span of next 3-4 years. The owner can easily mortgage these flats against loan for futures needs”. The capital value of 1 BHK unit starts at Rs13 lakh while its rental value is expected be Rs 5,000 month in next 3-4 years. An apartment with a bedroom, a hall and a kitchen measuring 500 to 700 sq ft is perfect for nuclear family with a baby.

Prices of 1 BHK units in Noida- Greater Noida ranges from Rs 12- 25 lakh, with covered area varying from 500 – 1200 sq ft. “Most of the area falls close to IT companies situated along the expressways, hence the rental demand by the IT professionals is high. Most of the people here are migrated from different cities, hence they go for rented properties”, says a local realtor working in this region.

Check out few 1 BHK options available in Noida-Greater Noida:

Name of project Property type Details Size Location Price
Gaur Smart Homes 1 BHK 1 BHK+1 Kids 450 sq. ft. GH-03 Sector 16 C Noida Extension Rs 13 Lakh
Paramount Golf Foreste 1 BHK 1 Toilet – Balcony – Kitchen 435 sq. ft. Near FNG Expressway Rs 17 Lakh
Ace Platinum 1 BHK 1 Toilet-Kitchen-Balcony 700 Sq. ft. Zeta 1, Greater Noida Rs 26 Lakh
Supertech Eco Village I 1 BHK 1 Toilet – Kitchen-Balcony 598 sq. ft. Noida Extension Rs 20 Lakh
Logix Blossom Zest Studio 1 Kitchen 470 sq. ft. Sector 143, Noida Rs 18 lakh
Gaur City 2- Sanskriti Vihar 1 BHK 2 Toilets- 2 Balcony – 1 Kitchen 555 sq. ft. GH-03 Sector 16C, Noida Extension Rs 21 Lakh
Supertech Golf Village 1 BHK 1 Toilet- 2 Balcony – 1 Kitchen 500 sq. ft. 17B Yamuna Expressway Rs 14 Lakh
Supertech UpCountry 1 BHK 1 Toilet – Kitchen-Balcony 625 sqft Yamuna Expressway Rs 20 Lakh
Oasis GrandStand 1 BHK 1 Toilet- 2 Balcony – 1 Kitchen 695 sqft Sector – 22D, Yamuna Expressway Rs 18 Lakh
Oasis Venetia Heights 1 BHK 1 Toilet – Balcony – Kitchen 455 sqft FNG Expressway, Greater Noida Rs 15 Lakh

International Cricket Coming To Greater Noida

The newly built cricket stadium in Greater Noida is all set to host its first set of international matches in April. A MoU has been signed between the Board of Control for Cricket in India and the Afghanistan Cricket Board to this effect.

The newly built cricket stadium in Greater Noida is all set to host its first set of international matches in April. A MoU has been signed between the Board of Control for Cricket in India and the Afghanistan Cricket Board to this effect. Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority officials said, a four-day series will be played between Afghanistan and Namibia from April 10 to 13. Two one-day matches between Namibia and Nepal are also scheduled for April 16 and 18. “The matches have already been approved by the International Cricket Council. We are just awaiting final clearances,” said Rajeev Tyagi, General Manager (Projects), GNIDA. Ahead of the internationals matches, a practice match will be played between Uttar Pradesh and Afghanistan on April 6 and 7.  More>>



New ‘Green’ Clause To Curb Pollution

Adopting a tough stance against anyone flouting directions of the National Green Tribunal, the Noida Authority has added a new ‘green’ clause in its tender documents.

Adopting a tough stance against anyone flouting directions of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), the Noida Authority on Friday said it has added a new ‘green’ clause in its tender documents. As per the new clause, the Authority will enforce construction norms on contractors working on projects in the city. The new condition in the bidding document will make it mandatory for all agencies and contractors to comply with the green court’s orders as specified in the 2010 guidelines of the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Any violation will result in cancellation of tenders.  The Authority has made 17 provisions advised by the NGT as part of the tender document. It means each contractor will face legal action and cancellation of projects if any of the 17 provisions are not complied with.  More>>