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Noida Is Hot Property For Celebs

Noida Is Hot Property For Celebs

Noida-Greater Noida circuit has got its most famous homeowner in Sachin Tendulkar. The former cricketer has bought a flat in Greater Noida.

Every month, the list is becoming large and large as many new names have joined the ever-growing list of homeowners in Noida and Greater Noida. The twin city got its most famous homeowner in master blaster Sachin Tendulkar last week. The former cricketer bought a sizeable flat at housing society in Greater Noida and his doctor wife Anjali came down to the city for the paperwork. Bollywood actors and singers are not behind as the list is large. A number of celebrities who have purchased house in Noida but none of them have converted those houses into homes. Apart from Tendulkar, Kapil Dev has also bought a flat in the same society, which adjoins an 18-hole golf course. MS Dhoni also spent a sizeable sum purchasing three plots and a flat on the Noida Expressway in 2010. There are other names also who have chosen to buy land here are Ajay Jadeja and Saba Karim.

Noida To Be Cultural, Heritage Hotspot

Noida To Be Cultural, Heritage Hotspot

Noida is ramping up its social infrastructure to accommodate more home buyers. Alongside, cultural hub and heritage options are being developed

Noida’s realty segment has passed through different phase of development. The city has become a preferred destination for new home settlers. And now, Noida authority is ramping up its civic infrastructure to become a cultural and heritage hotspot.

The area is retaining the attention of middle class and lower middle class as it offers good options with a number of Real Estates projects launched in affordable range.
According to latest report by ASSOCHAM, with over 2500,000 housing units are available for sale in entire NCR circuit. This inventory is luring new home buyers and affordable housing segment is expected to groom better this year.
Noida to get a museum and culinary cuisine institute

To promote socio-cultural activities in city, Noida is likely to get culinary cuisine institute and a museum on the lines of Delhi’s National Museum in Sector 62.

According to an MLA, work is in progress for these two projects. The culinary institute will be like a culinary museum and be one-point stop for cuisines from across India. Also, it will train a batch 200 chefs every year.

Secondly, the heritage museum will be bigger and larger than national museum and will showcase culture, tradition and history of India.

Apart from these, Noida will soon have an international airport in Jewar and a cultural hub in Pari Chowk. The hub will have a centre for fine arts, music, dance, cafes and galleries.

Social infrastructure will attract buyers

“Home buyers prefer to purchase properties in the locality with robust social infrastructure and easy connectivity. The sectors of Noida has become prime residential locality and well-connected with other parts of Delhi-NCR. In this area, hospitals, banks, community hall, super markets and shops are easily available,” says Sunil Pandey of Real Homez, a property advisor and consultancy firm in Noida.

He said that all new developments promise better appreciation in property prices.

Checklist For Investing In Pre-launch Property

Checklist For Investing In Pre-launch Property

Buying a house at the pre-launch stage at prices much lower than market price seems enticing. But buyers need to check several aspects before investing money in such residential ventures

Owning a house is a dream for everyone, especially the middle class. Earlier people wanted to buy a house after starting a family. Now youngsters are keener on buying property right in the early years of their employment.

This zeal has fuelled the market of just-launched properties or under-construction homes. Youngsters and new families often park their money in newly launched housing projects with minimal savings and impending home loans because typically such houses are available at 20-30 per cent discount as compared to the ready-to-move-in homes in the same locality.Pre-Launch

This proposition may sound exciting but there are many pitfalls too. One is investing in a property that is yet to come up. There are doubts about its quality, amenities and location benefits till possession.

The concerns vary – is it fine to make such an investment? Are there potential risks involved? Here are a few pointers one should keep in mind when investing in under-construction property:

1. Validate all clearances –

Check all clearances like authority approval for the project, There are close to 40-50 such clearances but they should all be carefully studied before considering the property.

“The prices of pre-launch and under-construction property in Noida are attractive and as the project completes construction, rates goes up significantly,” says Narendra Diwedi of Ojaswi Associates, a property advisor and consultancy firm in Sector 19, Noida.

“People get attracted by the lucrative prices and miss checking primary documents like clear land ownership, sales deeds and approvals from Noida Authority for construction,” he says.

2. Know the RERA Act 2016

As per the recently applicable Real Estate Regulatory Act 2016, no pre-launch selling of realty projects is allowed until the project has all approvals from the local development authority or without obtaining registration from the regulator concerned. This law is applicable on all incomplete projects in the city. You need to do little bit of homework at this stage and it will help you make independent legal assessment.

3. Keep a vigilant eye

The Noida Development Authority keeps issuing notification about the projects whose plans or layouts are yet to be approved.

“One needs to choose wisely which segment one wants to invest in — commercial or home. If you already have a house, the better deal would be to invest in commercial spaces, depending upon your choice,” says the spokesperson from SRS Group.

The location of the project should be kept in mind. Checking the profile of the builder is also a must.

“Always keep a track of previous projects, their timely delivery, build quality of previous projects and word of mouth,” says the SRS group spokesperson.

 4. Beware of lucrative offer: Offers by the builder like 70:30 or 90:10 should be thought of wisely.

5.The penalty clause and the time frame should be on your checklist.

Fast Facts:
• Builders bring pre-launch scheme to start generating cash flow
• Such launches are 25-30% cheaper than average market rates
• Check whether the project is approved by major banks or not
• If clearances get delayed, construction will be delayed and leaves impact on cost
• Always ask for proof that builder has obtained all clearances
• Obtain written assurance from builder of your booked unit and apartment details
• In case possession is delayed, you must consult a property lawyer
• Get all payment receipts
3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Buy A Home Now

3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Buy A Home Now

If you have been sitting on the fence about buying a home, it is good time to take the plunge and put your money in real estate.

A number of good things have happened over the last six months in the real estate industry which gives strong reasons to buy homes now. The enforcement of RERA Act 2016 will enhance the buyer sentiment. Due to stagnating property prices too, investors are exiting the housing market, bringing golden opportunity for end users.

A number of factors make this a great time to buy property.

  1. Increased customer protection: With the enforcement of RERA Act 2016, industry experts say it will increase interests of genuine buyers. Now it is believed that the strict obligations on quality, material and timely delivery coupled with heightened liability for realty developers will put India’s realty market into a new era of quality and buyers satisfaction.
  2. Bargain hard for discounts (prices are dropping): Rising inventory of unsold flats has led to price correction in Delhi-NCR. According to the latest report by ASSOCHAM, Delhi NCR has the highest number of unsold inventory in real estate with 250,000 units, followed by Mumbai metropolitan region at 98,000 units. The ticket price of 2BHK, 3BHK and 1 BHK flats has seen correction by 35% in Noida and 30% in Gurgaon. This situation may be beneficial for end users and can get their deal closed at an attractive price.
  3. The market is about to become extravagant: The realty market will be entering a growth period and prices will possibly go up. There are many positive signs that confirm the hope for realty market recovery. With the government’s pushing housing for all by 2022, the market will witness a pickup in sales with an improvement in the number of unsold inventories. So, it’s smart time to buy.

This is what experts say

“Potential home hunters looking for homes should take full benefit of the present scenario and invest in properties as prices are stable at this point of time and interest rates are also less. Not only this, buyers may be able to get good discounts as developers have been trying to woo home buyers in order to pump up their sales,” said Deepak Kapoor, president, CREDAI Western UP.

“RERA will further ease the process of buying properties. There are key features of the bill like maintaining an escrow account by developers, barring developers from making changes in the construction plans etc which are in the interest of customers. The regulator will also bring some consolidation between organised and unorganised players in the market. As far as home values are concerned, yes they would definitely start going up in near future not just because rental values are shooting up but also because the last couple of years have laid solid foundation for the times to come in terms of growth and development for realty sector,” he said.

“Various policies and amendments have been announced in past few years as a consistent dose to the sector which has witnessed slowdown in past few years and is now undergoing recovery phase steadily. Interest rates have been slashed, property prices are stable, loan portfolios have increased, focus on affordable housing are some factors which signals that this is the perfect time to invest in properties,” says Gaurav Gupta, General Secretary, CREDAI RNE.

Checklist For Investing In Pre-launch Property

Checklist For Choosing A Builder In Delhi-NCR

Home buyers have a tough choice between local and national-level realty developers when looking for a house in the National Capital Region. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to choose developer wisely.

A real estate buyer faces two tough questions – where to buy and from whom to buy. The second question usually answers the first one easily, for once the builder is chosen, it becomes easy to shortlist the locations the builder is developing the property.Checklist For Choosing A Builder In Delhi-NCR

Here is a brief guide

for choosing the appropriate builder in Delhi-NCR:

  • Define your needs: Figure out your property-related needs . What is you purpose behind buying property (renting/investment/residence), what specific size are you looking for, the home type preferred and the budget. Many builders specialise in specific type of stylish homes. Hence once you configure your needs, you can create a list of potential builders
  • Past record of the builder: Property developers with decent experience and track record can deliver projects well with new concepts design without any hassle. They would not typically deliver sub-standard products which may ruin their brand value.
  • Check reviews online: Do a search online and you will find views and opinions of other home buyers. Moreover, you can get the customer references and referrals from the builder also.
  • Builder profile: Verify whether the builder is registered with the authorities or not.
  • Go through the possession c It is important for the homebuyers to check possession clause. Though good quality builder will always ensure the timely possession.

Industry advice  

“While buying a home is a dream come true, it is equally important to checklist few things before closing the deal. It is very important to thoroughly check the background of the builder, his membership with CREDAI, projects delivered by him, his quality of work and adherence to promises etc. It is important to be an informed buyer. Do a thorough market research about the brand and goodwill of the builder and the project,” said Prashant Tiwari, chairman of, Prateek Group.

“Consider selecting good location which has all the facilities and amenities for a peaceful living. Location in NCR like Siddhartha Vihar, Noida, Crossings Republic have not only good physical infrastructure but property prices are also low as compared to other parts of Delhi-NCR. Construction quality and timely delivery is something which has to be checked for a hassle free purchase,” he said.

“One of the most important steps in choosing a home builder is the builder’s profile. Everyone wants builders who are trustworthy. A buyer will always check the market status of the builder, how many years has it been in this field, whether it is a listed company, how many projects have been completed so far and if they are of a good quality. Even while doing so, the buyer has to check whether he is providing a place that suits within their bracket of price range,” says a SRS Real Estate spokesperson.

The location also matters while buying. Builder’s location may not necessarily be the location that buyers want.

“Reputation is one of the most important aspects while choosing a builder. Word of mouth is crucial in real estate market. A builder’s reputation in the market decides the fate in the market. A good word always brings up the reputation,” the spokesperson added.


5 Vastu Things to Consider When Shifting in New House

Vastu shastra is a set of rules which is followed by most of the Indian home owners before they buy any kind of new property of enter into their newly bought home. It is believed that practicing such kind of principles help them to lead an ecstatic life. There is a scientific explanations on using these vastu tips and how to even construct your home accordingly. It is best advisable to spend to some time and look for and ideal house which is constructed strictly on vastu guidelines.

If you are shifting in new house, here’s some important pointers to consider:

Shift in Uttarayan: Move in Uttarayan when sun is moving northwards from tropic of Capricorn. It is best advisable time when you are entering into new house. Generally, the period from June 21 to December 20 is called Uttarayan. The scientific reason behind it reveals that while the sun moves from east to west, it has to pass through north direction. And in the northward movement of the sun, the sunrays which falls is auspicious and brings positive energy into the home.

Shift in Uttarayan : Vastu shastra


Use Swastik Symbol: Swastik is the symbol for wealth and prosperity. This holy symbol should be placed in the living room. It is also advisable by the Pundits to sketch sacred symbol of OM and Swastik on the outer side of main entrance. So it is good to keep swastik symbol in the house.

Use Swastik Symbol : Vastu Shastra


Place Holy Water: It is said that Ganga Jal is the panacea for all kinds of ominous. So it is best practice to place holy Ganga Jal in the dark. You may opt unused corner of the house. The water should be changed on every week end. Keeping holy water inside the house helps the inflow of positive kind of energy.

Place Holy Water : Vastu Shastra


Location of Kitchen: According to Vastu Shastra the best place of the kitchen is in the south-east corner of the home. The north-west corner is also advisable but it is the second preference. The fittings of household items in the kitchen should be based on vaastu elements. Make sure the location of gas stove in south-east direction. Safeguard your kitchen from all kinds of evils. Never keep medicines in the kitchen it indicates otherwise.

Location of Kitchen : Vastu Shastra


Perfrom Grih Parvesh Puja: The house warming ceremony is an important aspect of Vatu shastra. After the construction of home is completed in all respects, we assume to start living in that house. Before you start your first day in the newly built home, that very auspicious moment should be fixed as per astrological guidelines. And this sacred moment is called Grih Parvesh ceremony.

Perfrom Grih Parvesh Puja : Vastu Shastra


Apart from the above vastu tips there are several other puja ceremonial that one must practice before putting first step in new house and to avail the perfect vastu compliance. But we should have proper knowledge of vastu shastra before we apply anything. Hope this tips will be informative and helpful to you while making new shifting in your new built home.


NOC Scheme To Help Builders Deliver Flats On Time

The Noida Authority has come up with a troubleshooting plan to issue No objection Certificates (NOCs) to cash-strapped builders on a pro rata basis. This is to facilitate possession and registration of flats by agitated buyers. 

Noida: The Noida Authority has come up with a troubleshooting plan to issue No objection Certificates (NOCs) to cash-strapped builders on a pro rata basis. This is to facilitate possession and registration of flats by agitated buyers.

Till now the builders were given an NOC only after they cleared their entire outstanding dues to the Authority. However, Noida Authority officials informed that from now onwards permission will be granted to developers on completion of part of the project, to facilitate issue of occupancy certificates, thereby relieving homebuyers.

According to officials, so far even if the builder has completed a portion of the project he was unable to hand over possession to flat buyers since the Authority could not give an NOC in view of the builder’s pending dues. The new policy envisages giving the builder an NOC for a percentage of the covered area in the ratio of the cleared dues to the total dues, after retaining a margin of 10%. This will enable the builders to hand over possession of the completed flats to the extent of the NOC and would be a great relief to the flat buyers, officials said.