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5 Vastu Things to Consider When Shifting in New House

Vastu shastra is a set of rules which is followed by most of the Indian home owners before they buy any kind of new property of enter into their newly bought home. It is believed that practicing such kind of principles help them to lead an ecstatic life. There is a scientific explanations on using these vastu tips and how to even construct your home accordingly. It is best advisable to spend to some time and look for and ideal house which is constructed strictly on vastu guidelines.

If you are shifting in new house, here’s some important pointers to consider:

Shift in Uttarayan: Move in Uttarayan when sun is moving northwards from tropic of Capricorn. It is best advisable time when you are entering into new house. Generally, the period from June 21 to December 20 is called Uttarayan. The scientific reason behind it reveals that while the sun moves from east to west, it has to pass through north direction. And in the northward movement of the sun, the sunrays which falls is auspicious and brings positive energy into the home.

Shift in Uttarayan : Vastu shastra


Use Swastik Symbol: Swastik is the symbol for wealth and prosperity. This holy symbol should be placed in the living room. It is also advisable by the Pundits to sketch sacred symbol of OM and Swastik on the outer side of main entrance. So it is good to keep swastik symbol in the house.

Use Swastik Symbol : Vastu Shastra


Place Holy Water: It is said that Ganga Jal is the panacea for all kinds of ominous. So it is best practice to place holy Ganga Jal in the dark. You may opt unused corner of the house. The water should be changed on every week end. Keeping holy water inside the house helps the inflow of positive kind of energy.

Place Holy Water : Vastu Shastra


Location of Kitchen: According to Vastu Shastra the best place of the kitchen is in the south-east corner of the home. The north-west corner is also advisable but it is the second preference. The fittings of household items in the kitchen should be based on vaastu elements. Make sure the location of gas stove in south-east direction. Safeguard your kitchen from all kinds of evils. Never keep medicines in the kitchen it indicates otherwise.

Location of Kitchen : Vastu Shastra


Perfrom Grih Parvesh Puja: The house warming ceremony is an important aspect of Vatu shastra. After the construction of home is completed in all respects, we assume to start living in that house. Before you start your first day in the newly built home, that very auspicious moment should be fixed as per astrological guidelines. And this sacred moment is called Grih Parvesh ceremony.

Perfrom Grih Parvesh Puja : Vastu Shastra


Apart from the above vastu tips there are several other puja ceremonial that one must practice before putting first step in new house and to avail the perfect vastu compliance. But we should have proper knowledge of vastu shastra before we apply anything. Hope this tips will be informative and helpful to you while making new shifting in your new built home.