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5 Vastu tips to design Pooja room

5 Vastu tips to design Pooja room in your home

Pooja or prayer room is an important place in home that is full of positive energies and vibes all the time you move in. No matter what is the state of your mind or mood, getting into this space rejuvenates and connects you a positive rays coming out of the space. The observance of pooja is not only a rituals to appease gods and goddess but it is paving the way for spiritual path that ultimately leads to inner form of contemplation and spiritual evolution. This holy space of your home is also used as a place for meditation that takes your mind at zero refreshes you with lot of energy. Therefore it is very important to construct God Room in such a way that helps you to connect directly to the unseen force and to your inner source.


According to Vastu Shastra the best direction in the house to construct pooja room is north-east direction of the house. It is believed that northeast direct of the house receives beneficial energies of sun, therefore is fill of Swastik Tatva and positive vibrations.

pooja room location


You should keep threshold around the Pooja Room so that the space is exclusively defined. Building the roof of the pooja room in a pyramid or dome shape is auspicious. It is well known that the energies under the pyramid are extremely positive and full of energies.

dome shape

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Choose light hues (white, cream) as they make a place look peaceful. The walls of the Pooja room can be painted with light yellow or light blue. If you are using marble, it must be in white color.


Idols placement

The idols are deities in the home. These should not be bigger than the span of the hand. Keep idols in east or west of the room and 2 inches away from wall. You not should not keep too many idols. Old or duplicate idols should be donated. Keep pooja room as well as idols clean and uncluttered. Idols should not be placed exactly at the front of the entrance.



Entrance of pooja place must have a threshold, south-east direction is preferable.The sun rises in the east and brings in optimistic energy and light into the entire house. East is the most opportune direction for the main entrance. North East is other suitable direction.


Apart from the above vastu tips for construction of Pooja/God Room inside your house there are several other puja ceremonial that one must practice before putting first step in new house and to avail the perfect vastu compliance. But you should be aware of the proper knowledge of vastu shastra before you apply anything. Hope this tips will be informative and helpful to you while building new Pooja Prayer Room in your house.