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5 Home Decor Ideas for an opulent haven

Organising a home is an art. People these days pay attention towards elaborate details owing to the growing a keenness towards intricate items to transform the basic structure into luxury abode. Modern homes are no longer constructed with bricks, sand and stones. They are nurtured with perfection by carefully crafting them with vivid design and […]

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5 Summer Decor Tips For Your Home

Add lighter patterns: Choose appealing motifs for upholstery which gel with the rest of the house Prefer neutral themes: When deciding on overall hues, go for earthy tones Balance the nature: Enhance ventilation and put shades and covers where required Flowers do the trick: Whether fragrances or patterns, flowers add to the summer charm Splash […]

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Smart Designing For The Family Lounge

Interior designer Pooja Bhatia says uniqueness of each element in the lounge creates the perfect backdrop for fun and quality time for family members The family lounge is a section of the house where family spends their substantial entertainment time of the day and should reflect the taste of the people residing in the house. […]

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