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5 Vastu tips to design Pooja room

5 Vastu tips to design Pooja room in your home

Pooja or prayer room is an important place in home that is full of positive energies and vibes all the time you move in. No matter what is the state of your mind or mood, getting into this space rejuvenates and connects you a positive rays coming out of the space. The observance of pooja is not only a rituals to appease gods and goddess but it is paving the way for spiritual path that ultimately leads to inner form of contemplation and spiritual evolution. This holy space of your home is also used as a place for meditation that takes your mind at zero refreshes you with lot of energy. Therefore it is very important to construct God Room in such a way that helps you to connect directly to the unseen force and to your inner source.


According to Vastu Shastra the best direction in the house to construct pooja room is north-east direction of the house. It is believed that northeast direct of the house receives beneficial energies of sun, therefore is fill of Swastik Tatva and positive vibrations.

pooja room location


You should keep threshold around the Pooja Room so that the space is exclusively defined. Building the roof of the pooja room in a pyramid or dome shape is auspicious. It is well known that the energies under the pyramid are extremely positive and full of energies.

dome shape

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Choose light hues (white, cream) as they make a place look peaceful. The walls of the Pooja room can be painted with light yellow or light blue. If you are using marble, it must be in white color.


Idols placement

The idols are deities in the home. These should not be bigger than the span of the hand. Keep idols in east or west of the room and 2 inches away from wall. You not should not keep too many idols. Old or duplicate idols should be donated. Keep pooja room as well as idols clean and uncluttered. Idols should not be placed exactly at the front of the entrance.



Entrance of pooja place must have a threshold, south-east direction is preferable.The sun rises in the east and brings in optimistic energy and light into the entire house. East is the most opportune direction for the main entrance. North East is other suitable direction.


Apart from the above vastu tips for construction of Pooja/God Room inside your house there are several other puja ceremonial that one must practice before putting first step in new house and to avail the perfect vastu compliance. But you should be aware of the proper knowledge of vastu shastra before you apply anything. Hope this tips will be informative and helpful to you while building new Pooja Prayer Room in your house.

vastu shastra tips

Vastu Shastra : 11 Simple Vastu Shastra Tips for Wealthy Home

One can take advantage of Vastu shastra rules in many ways. These rules can help in bringing peace and prosperity in your house. The basic vastu shastra rules are about the directions and elements of nature. Here’s some set of Vastu instructions that help you in attracting positive energy and wealth in your house. As per Vastu, there are several things kept inside the house which of no use, and can drain you of your finances and bring poverty. Here are the list of things that you should immediately throw out of your house if you want to attract positive energies and wealth.


5 Vastu Things to Consider When Shifting in New House

Pigeon nest: It is said that having a pigeon nest in the house leads to instability in the house along with poverty. If you have one in the house, consider moving it away from the house.
Pigeon nest : Vastu shastra


Bee hive: A bee hive is not only dangerous for you, but also attracts bad luck and poverty in the house. Take the services of a professional to remove one from your house.

Bee hive : Vastu shastra


Spider web: A spider web in the house is a sign of unfortunate happenings in your life — remove one immediately and keep your house as clean as possible.

Spider web : Vastu shastra


Broken mirrors: Broken mirrors are not only considered poor Vastu, they can also attract negative energies in your house along with poverty — make sure to throw away all broken mirrors in the house.

Broken mirrors : Vastu shastra


Bats: Bats are considered to be the bearers of ill-health, unfortunate situations, poverty or even death. If you live in an area which sees bats, make sure to seal all windows and doors after sunset.

Bats : Vastu shastra


Dent in walls: If you have some dents in your walls, get it repaired immediately — these are not only an eye sore but also attract ill luck and poverty.

Dent in walls : Vastu shastra


Leaky taps: Leaky taps not only waste water, but also are a sign of positive energies being dragged out of the house. Make sure to get a leaky tap or faucet repaired immediately.

Leaky taps : Vastu shastra


Terrace: Often, our terrace becomes the dumping ground for old furniture and garbage. If you see your terrace become a dumping yard, clean out all the junk immediately. A dirty terrace is the breeding ground of poverty.

Terrace : Vastu shastra


Stale flowers: When you pray to God everyday, make sure that you do not offer stale flowers to him. Clean your prayer room thoroughly before praying. Keeping stale flowers can lead to poverty.

Stale flowers : Vastu shastra


Dry leaves: Regularly prune your indoor plants and weed out all dried out-leaves. Not doing so will attract negativity in your house that can lead to a financial crunch.

Dry leaves : Vastu shastra


Loose wires: Loose wires should not be kept in the house. This apart, if any of your electrical appliances has stopped working, then either get it repaired immediately or discard it for good.

Loose wires : Vastu shastra


5 Vastu Things to Consider When Shifting in New House

Vastu shastra is a set of rules which is followed by most of the Indian home owners before they buy any kind of new property of enter into their newly bought home. It is believed that practicing such kind of principles help them to lead an ecstatic life. There is a scientific explanations on using these vastu tips and how to even construct your home accordingly. It is best advisable to spend to some time and look for and ideal house which is constructed strictly on vastu guidelines.

If you are shifting in new house, here’s some important pointers to consider:

Shift in Uttarayan: Move in Uttarayan when sun is moving northwards from tropic of Capricorn. It is best advisable time when you are entering into new house. Generally, the period from June 21 to December 20 is called Uttarayan. The scientific reason behind it reveals that while the sun moves from east to west, it has to pass through north direction. And in the northward movement of the sun, the sunrays which falls is auspicious and brings positive energy into the home.

Shift in Uttarayan : Vastu shastra


Use Swastik Symbol: Swastik is the symbol for wealth and prosperity. This holy symbol should be placed in the living room. It is also advisable by the Pundits to sketch sacred symbol of OM and Swastik on the outer side of main entrance. So it is good to keep swastik symbol in the house.

Use Swastik Symbol : Vastu Shastra


Place Holy Water: It is said that Ganga Jal is the panacea for all kinds of ominous. So it is best practice to place holy Ganga Jal in the dark. You may opt unused corner of the house. The water should be changed on every week end. Keeping holy water inside the house helps the inflow of positive kind of energy.

Place Holy Water : Vastu Shastra


Location of Kitchen: According to Vastu Shastra the best place of the kitchen is in the south-east corner of the home. The north-west corner is also advisable but it is the second preference. The fittings of household items in the kitchen should be based on vaastu elements. Make sure the location of gas stove in south-east direction. Safeguard your kitchen from all kinds of evils. Never keep medicines in the kitchen it indicates otherwise.

Location of Kitchen : Vastu Shastra


Perfrom Grih Parvesh Puja: The house warming ceremony is an important aspect of Vatu shastra. After the construction of home is completed in all respects, we assume to start living in that house. Before you start your first day in the newly built home, that very auspicious moment should be fixed as per astrological guidelines. And this sacred moment is called Grih Parvesh ceremony.

Perfrom Grih Parvesh Puja : Vastu Shastra


Apart from the above vastu tips there are several other puja ceremonial that one must practice before putting first step in new house and to avail the perfect vastu compliance. But we should have proper knowledge of vastu shastra before we apply anything. Hope this tips will be informative and helpful to you while making new shifting in your new built home.

Vaastu Tips for Your Home


vastubanner1A legacy which has been passed on by generations over centuries, Vaastu Shastra is the science of construction and architecture which has been developed on the basis of beliefs from the Hindu and Buddhist culture. A mix and match of various scientific rules in terms of mathematics, geometry, symmetry and directional layouts, Vaastu Shastra aims at bringing health, wealth and prosperity to a household by optimizing its design, layout and placement.

With the help of Vaastu Shastra, you can increase the positive energy in your home by arranging it in a particular manner so as to allow good vibes to usher into the household. Arranging the home can translate to structural changes as well as making specific changes to the design and layout of fixtures and furniture inside the house, depending on the requirement.

These energies are believed to influence the home and the lives of their occupants, thus making it necessary to follow Vaastu principles in order to ensure the well being of the family. Here, we have for you a set of efficient Vaastu tips to make your abode brimming with warmth and positivity. Read on, and bring the blessings of Vaastu Shastra to your household:

  • First and foremost, ensure that the earth on which the foundation of the home is being laid is worshipped prior to commencement of construction. Bhoomi Poojan, or worshipping of the ground, is one of the most important aspects of Vaastu Shastra.
  • The main entrance is the most important source of energy for a house. Having said that, it is important to ensure that maximum positive energy is ushered into the home via the main entrance. Preferably, the main entrance should be facing towards East, North or North-East. These are three directions which allow the flow of maximum positive energy. Doors and entrances facing South and South East are best avoided, as they are ominous and are said to bring illness, anger and problems to the occupants.
  • The location of the kitchen also plays a very important role in Vaastu Shastra. It is advised that the kitchen should be located in the South-East corner of the home, with the gas stove placed in such a manner that anyone cooking should be facing East.
  • Structurally, the kitchen should not be located in front of the main entrance, and either the kitchen itself or the gas stove in it should be towards South-East.
  • Salt is a mineral substance that is considered to be effective in reducing the prevailing negative energy inside a house. It is a good idea to place bowls of salt in various parts of the house and keep changing them regularly.
  • Mirrors should be placed carefully. Especially in the bedroom, it is important to keep mirrors from facing the bed, as it is said to draw negativity and ill health.
  • Another simple and easy way to rid your home of negative energies is to put a lemon inside a container of water inside your home and change it regularly, preferably every weekend.

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While Vaastu Sharstra is best applied to a home while chalking out the designs on paper, one should be aware that in order to apply Vaastu Shastra to an already constructed home, it is not necessary to deconstruct the entire house; minor changes in placement and the addition of certain objects, metals and colours can help you rid your home of any Dosh without having to bring down a wall or reconstructing the entire home.

Bear in mind these useful Vaastu tips while buying a new home to ensure positivity in your household.

God Bless You!