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Checklist For Investing In Pre-launch Property

Checklist For Choosing A Builder In Delhi-NCR

Home buyers have a tough choice between local and national-level realty developers when looking for a house in the National Capital Region. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to choose developer wisely.

A real estate buyer faces two tough questions – where to buy and from whom to buy. The second question usually answers the first one easily, for once the builder is chosen, it becomes easy to shortlist the locations the builder is developing the property.Checklist For Choosing A Builder In Delhi-NCR

Here is a brief guide

for choosing the appropriate builder in Delhi-NCR:

  • Define your needs: Figure out your property-related needs . What is you purpose behind buying property (renting/investment/residence), what specific size are you looking for, the home type preferred and the budget. Many builders specialise in specific type of stylish homes. Hence once you configure your needs, you can create a list of potential builders
  • Past record of the builder: Property developers with decent experience and track record can deliver projects well with new concepts design without any hassle. They would not typically deliver sub-standard products which may ruin their brand value.
  • Check reviews online: Do a search online and you will find views and opinions of other home buyers. Moreover, you can get the customer references and referrals from the builder also.
  • Builder profile: Verify whether the builder is registered with the authorities or not.
  • Go through the possession c It is important for the homebuyers to check possession clause. Though good quality builder will always ensure the timely possession.

Industry advice  

“While buying a home is a dream come true, it is equally important to checklist few things before closing the deal. It is very important to thoroughly check the background of the builder, his membership with CREDAI, projects delivered by him, his quality of work and adherence to promises etc. It is important to be an informed buyer. Do a thorough market research about the brand and goodwill of the builder and the project,” said Prashant Tiwari, chairman of, Prateek Group.

“Consider selecting good location which has all the facilities and amenities for a peaceful living. Location in NCR like Siddhartha Vihar, Noida, Crossings Republic have not only good physical infrastructure but property prices are also low as compared to other parts of Delhi-NCR. Construction quality and timely delivery is something which has to be checked for a hassle free purchase,” he said.

“One of the most important steps in choosing a home builder is the builder’s profile. Everyone wants builders who are trustworthy. A buyer will always check the market status of the builder, how many years has it been in this field, whether it is a listed company, how many projects have been completed so far and if they are of a good quality. Even while doing so, the buyer has to check whether he is providing a place that suits within their bracket of price range,” says a SRS Real Estate spokesperson.

The location also matters while buying. Builder’s location may not necessarily be the location that buyers want.

“Reputation is one of the most important aspects while choosing a builder. Word of mouth is crucial in real estate market. A builder’s reputation in the market decides the fate in the market. A good word always brings up the reputation,” the spokesperson added.