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Festive Look for your Home

Easy-to-Add Festive Look for your Home

The key is to go for a lasting look by playing with the right colours, being practical and not too fussy

With the festive season arriving, Subhashini Kumar, an interior expert and designer, offers tips to style one’s home for celebrations.

“The key is to go for a lasting look by playing with the right colours, being practical and not too fussy.
First of all, get your home completely cleaned along with the curtains, carpets and vases.
The seating in most living rooms today are in soft colours with a focus area. Expand this concept by adding a glowing copper/gold/brown shawl or even an old festive saree that has done its round strategically on the back rest.

But keep in simple so that the look is bold yet comfortable. After all, you need to maintain this décor for a few weeks and sitting on the sofa is a regular expectation.
Highlight a specific area in each room. The difference is that the focus is on the center table and the corners in the living room, the side tables and the corner table in the bedrooms.
Invest in the painted simple mudpots that you get in the markets. Buy them in different sizes and simply place them in strategic areas with small bamboos in cups or with old brass ware that you have in the house.


In case you have the budget, you can also invest in a good Kutch wall hanging which you can use every year.
Place aroma candles and burners, perforated glass jars, and antique vases to the festival mood in strategic places.

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The quickest way to perk up your house is to regularly place fresh flowers, that too mogras and common hibiscus in water-filled urlis or plates. They are not expensive, can be easily replaced and are available easily.


Lighting the candles and some incense sticks along with these tips should keep the house at its festive best. You can add rangolis and diyas on Diwali.


These bits should save you time in putting up and when taking down as well, as they simply mean folding the festive cloth and packing away the coloured pots for next year.