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Making the bedroom look cozy and spacious

Interior designer Subhashini Kumar lists the steps one can take to maximize the space of this room and give it an elegant look. As a general rule, a lot of attention and money is invested in the living-dining room when buying an apartment. But when it comes to the bedroom, other than the bed and the wardrobe and a possible mirror, not much attention is given to other things.

Happy Keys spoke to Subhashini Kumar, an interior expert and designer with over a decade of experience, on the steps to take to make this private room comfortable, maximize its space and give it an elegant look. This what she said:

Even if you are stuck with a small bedroom, there are ways to plan your bedroom furniture and necessities so that you can comfortably move around in the space as well as fit in all the necessary pieces.


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All it requires is some careful planning and implementation.

The bed
The bed occupies a major part of this room. Although in a small room, one may be tempted to place the bed in one corner, this may mean the person sleeping in the extreme corner may get very little air even if the room is air-conditioned.
A better and more comfortable place to keep the bed is in along the wall adjacent to the entrance. Here is an example: The most visible wall is usually the one opposite the entrance door. The wall that runs perpendicular to the door on the left side is an excellent to place the bed even if it is a double bed. This gives the impression of wider length and breadth to the room.

Fix a full-length mirror on the outermost door and make an area to keep your makeup kit in a niche above the drawers. Beds with storage drawers (about a couple of them at least) are a must in a small bedroom for storing bed linens and other knick-knacks.

In a small bedroom, space is always a premium. Hence, have a wardrobe that has sliding doors with the rollers on top. Not only does this occupy less space which a normal door requires when opening, the rollers on top ensure dust-free smooth movement.

You can either have four large drawers from the bottom to roughly about two-third part of the cupboard with hanging facilities on the remaining one-third.

Beyond side tables
In a small bedroom, it is a smarter move to have full length cupboards with storage space and an open space to double up as bedside tables on both sides. A low wooden loft above the bed at about five and half feet is also a good option for storage.

Keeping the colors light — off whites, beige, light green or blue or yellow – for walls, curtains, woodwork and bed linen keeps the room from getting claustrophobic. A colorful niche near the windows or on the bedside shelves with a concealed bright lighting makes the room look cozy and comfortable.