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Sector 18 market revamp adds glitz to nearby sectors

The revamp of Noida’s Sector 18 and Atta Market is in its last phase. The market will soon don the new modern, upmarket version adding to the property profile of neighboring localities  

For years, shopping in Noida has been synonymous with the Atta Market and the shops in Sector 18. But the shopping experience came with chaos and bad roads. The good news is that the long-pending revamp of Sector 18 is now happening at fast pace and will be completed soon.

The pavements of the markets have been done up in most parts. With cemented tiles in the pedestrian zone, the market looks planned and glitzy. The internal roadmap too has been reworked as some connecting roads have been earmarked for cyclers and pedestrians only. These road patches has been segregated with poles erected along them. All the pavements and the entry and exit podiums to shop floors have been widened and made handicapped-enabled too.

The street hawkers have also been moved away for the roadsides and have been given a permanent spot — opposite Vijay Sales and Gautier showrooms — to put up their stalls. They too have made the pace jazzy by putting up standalone tables for people to eat and by having dustbins along with their stalls.

Add to it the recent opening up of two new malls -Gardens Galleria next to The Great India Place and DLF Mall of India opposite Radisson Hotel in Sector 18.

The construction work for multi-level parking in the centre of Noida is also in its last stages. The Noida Authority wants to make it operational by the end of 2016. Once finished, this will have ample parking space, retail outlets and premium office space.  This facility is in the middle of the market’s centre and has already become the place holder here.

Witnessing this, small traders and shop owners of Sunehri Market – a huge streetside market opposite Sector 18 – have asked for an uplift of their section too.

This has added to the choices of shoppers and pushed up property prices in sectors adjoining Sector 18. Property rates in Sector 19, right next to Atta Market, are in the range of Rs 13,500-18,000 per sq ft.

Sharmila Rawat, who owns a three-floor house here, says the biggest USP for this sector is that its located right next to Atta market.

“We tell our prospective tenants that everything that they want to buy is right here at a walkable distance. The rentals and buying have only gone up in the last few years here. A lot of houses are also running paying guest facilities. Some old ones are redeveloping the property and selling the flats. The only concern here is that of parking,” she says.

Sector 27 is another adjoining sector to Atta Market. It has a flouring street market of its own by the name of Indira Market. The houses here are being renovated one after the other. The rental prices have gone up by almost 10-13 per cent here.

Madan Kalra, the proprietor of Kalra brokerage, has worked in this locality for the last 15 years. He says, “The proximity to Sector 18 is a big tag for this sector. Then the metro is also approachable . This sector has a good market of its own. The houses are occupied by young working couples or students or professionals living alone. The rents only go upwards.”

It seems the gleam of Sector 18 is adding sheen to the neighbouring sectors too.

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