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Smart Designing For The Family Lounge

Interior designer Pooja Bhatia says uniqueness of each element in the lounge creates the perfect backdrop for fun and quality time for family members

The family lounge is a section of the house where family spends their substantial entertainment time of the day and should reflect the taste of the people residing in the house.

Pooja Bhatia, a senior interior designer at Design In Vogue, lists the points that need to be kept in mind while planning the lounge’s interiors.

The Basics
There should be warm and comfortable couch or seating arrangements since one spends long hours in the lounge. The seating could be a combination of L-shaped sofa with recliners or single seater with foot stools. The colour-scheme should be mainly neutral with highlights of bright cushions.

Ensuring lighting to be a combination of indirect coves and general ambient lighting is an intelligent move as it gives a good ambiance as well as adding the necessary brightness to a space.

Keep a gadget zone which has the necessary wiring for a full-equipped sound system to enhance the regular sound quality. The TV cabinet should be placed in such a manner that it provides maximum direct viewing and makes regular TV experience comfortable. The TV unit should be designed in such a manner that adequate space is allocated for storage of CDs, DVDs, books and a sleek display for artifacts.


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The Accessories
Elements of interest in the living area can be family photo wall where a combination of different sizes of photo frames is arranged in an aesthetic manner, with a neutral background such that the pictures catch the attention.

Accessories form an important aspect of the family lounge. In an existing family lounge, a lamp, bright coloured rug and some bright cushions can add the necessary statement to otherwise plain and simple room. Carpets can demarcate the play area for the children. A large cushion/bean bag with a small mat can be reading area for adults. Demarcating activity zones is a smart and easy way to arrange and decorate the living area.