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Staying In A Noida Haveli Could Be A Reality

The UP government has decided to allow all heritage-value properties to be converted into hotels

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to allow all heritage-value properties to convert into hotels. Under its tourism policy, all heritage properties in the state that were built before 1950 can operate as hotels.

Officials say that this is to meet the growing demand of young travellers who are increasingly looking for fancier experiences while travelling. This means there are chances you might find a fancy Rajasthani-style haveli right in Noida where you can put up instead of travelling elsewhere for the weekend.

According to the policy, all forts, palaces, castles, havelis or bungalows that were built before 1950 and have been deemed as significant in terms of architecture by the state government or archaeological authorities will be allowed to operate their properties as hotels. More>>


Mixed Use Projects Pick Up In Noida

The idea of having retail and commercial units in the residential complexes is finding favour with developers, Noida Authority, buyers and investors. Here is a low down on prominent mix-use projects in the city .

The demand for mix use (commercial-cum-residential) projects in Noida is increasing in the new and upcoming sectors in Noida. This is a good option for investment since the rental yield is higher when compared to purely residential property and being a commercial property one can use it for business purpose as well.

Keeping this fact in mind, Noida Development Authority has prepared a roadmap to promote mixed land-use activities along the several parts of Noida, Greater Noida and the Expressway. This will subtly fulfill the rising demand for commercial and retail structures in this region.. The demand for property on this stretach is already on rise since the new settlers in Delhi-NCR prefer Noida-Greater Noida region for the abundance of property options in every budget range. Along with the residential property, the sale of mixed landuse projects is on an upswing too. As a result, several developers in association with the  civic bodies are coming up with innovative approach and making huge effort to meet the rising demand.

Fast Facts:
According to Noida’s Master Plan 2031- Noida development authority has allocated 98.59 hectares of land for the development of such projects. A city level commercial center has been proposed in sectors like 32 and 25A near city center. Some major commercial centers have also been proposed along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. The Noida Authority had already declared sectors like 62, 78,105, 108,124,125, 126, 127, 132, 135, 136, 142, 143, 144, 153 and 154 open for commercial activities.

Wave Infratech launched ‘Wave City Center’ is one of the largest residential-cum-commercial development, located just in the heart of Noida. This unit is built over 152 acres of prime land and has a good combination of residential and studio apartments, and corporate offices.

Dhiraj Jain, director of Mahagun Group, says “commercial-cum-residential development has become the buzz word in real estate these days since the compact, coherent land use pattern offers residents an excellent opportunity for short commutes to work and convenience shopping. Investing in these projects has its own share of advantages. It promotes a sense of community. The ensuing increase in walking and decrease in short trips by automobiles both benefit individual health and reduce traffic congestion and energy consumption for transportation. The more time an individual spends commuting in car and travelling to run errands like grocery shopping, the less time one has to enjoy their hard earned money. The concept helps ease this dynamic by creating an environment where residents can live, work and play all in close proximity. It maximizes space usage, has amenities and tends to alleviate traffic.”

Mr. Dhiraj Jain (Director - Mahagun Group)

Dimple Bhardwaj,  general manager at Raheja Developers, says: “Mixed use development primarily famous internationally has caught the grip in the Indian market also. A concept of work, stay, shop, dine, leisure under one roof is the kind of lifestyle that one desires now-a-days. It is rather wastage of precious time commuting from one destination to another which can be fruitfully utilised in a much productive manner, rather, invested to enjoy life at the fullest. Enjoy a dip in the pool, workout at a gym, play indoor games with friends and family, enjoy shopping and fine dining without the worry to drive back home if getting late.”

Check out the mixed use projects that are coming up at various locations of Noida.

Project Location Status
Wave City Center Sector 32, Noida Under Construction
Supernova Sector 94, Noida Under Construction
Logix City Center Sector 32, Noida Under Construction
Logix  Riveria Sector 105, Noida Proposed
Logix Galaxia Sector 140, Noida Proposed
La Premiere Sector 124, Noida Proposed
Unnati Fortune World Sector 144, Noida  Under Construction
Lotus Isle  Sector 98, Noida Under construction
Oh My God Sector 129, Noida Under Construction
World One Sector 90, Noida Under Construction
Gaur Smart Homes Gaur City, Noida Extension Under Construction
Wave Metro Mart Sector 32, Noida Under Construction
The Down Town Sector 98, Noida Under Construction
Spectrum Metro Sector 75, Noida Under Construction

Sector 18 market revamp adds glitz to nearby sectors

The revamp of Noida’s Sector 18 and Atta Market is in its last phase. The market will soon don the new modern, upmarket version adding to the property profile of neighboring localities  

For years, shopping in Noida has been synonymous with the Atta Market and the shops in Sector 18. But the shopping experience came with chaos and bad roads. The good news is that the long-pending revamp of Sector 18 is now happening at fast pace and will be completed soon.

The pavements of the markets have been done up in most parts. With cemented tiles in the pedestrian zone, the market looks planned and glitzy. The internal roadmap too has been reworked as some connecting roads have been earmarked for cyclers and pedestrians only. These road patches has been segregated with poles erected along them. All the pavements and the entry and exit podiums to shop floors have been widened and made handicapped-enabled too.

The street hawkers have also been moved away for the roadsides and have been given a permanent spot — opposite Vijay Sales and Gautier showrooms — to put up their stalls. They too have made the pace jazzy by putting up standalone tables for people to eat and by having dustbins along with their stalls.

Add to it the recent opening up of two new malls -Gardens Galleria next to The Great India Place and DLF Mall of India opposite Radisson Hotel in Sector 18.

The construction work for multi-level parking in the centre of Noida is also in its last stages. The Noida Authority wants to make it operational by the end of 2016. Once finished, this will have ample parking space, retail outlets and premium office space.  This facility is in the middle of the market’s centre and has already become the place holder here.

Witnessing this, small traders and shop owners of Sunehri Market – a huge streetside market opposite Sector 18 – have asked for an uplift of their section too.

This has added to the choices of shoppers and pushed up property prices in sectors adjoining Sector 18. Property rates in Sector 19, right next to Atta Market, are in the range of Rs 13,500-18,000 per sq ft.

Sharmila Rawat, who owns a three-floor house here, says the biggest USP for this sector is that its located right next to Atta market.

“We tell our prospective tenants that everything that they want to buy is right here at a walkable distance. The rentals and buying have only gone up in the last few years here. A lot of houses are also running paying guest facilities. Some old ones are redeveloping the property and selling the flats. The only concern here is that of parking,” she says.

Sector 27 is another adjoining sector to Atta Market. It has a flouring street market of its own by the name of Indira Market. The houses here are being renovated one after the other. The rental prices have gone up by almost 10-13 per cent here.

Madan Kalra, the proprietor of Kalra brokerage, has worked in this locality for the last 15 years. He says, “The proximity to Sector 18 is a big tag for this sector. Then the metro is also approachable . This sector has a good market of its own. The houses are occupied by young working couples or students or professionals living alone. The rents only go upwards.”

It seems the gleam of Sector 18 is adding sheen to the neighbouring sectors too.

Pre-Launch Property :-      Gulshan botnia Noida Sector 144


Sports-Themed Projects New Buzz In Greater Noida-West

Most of these projects have been envisaged to provide all end-to-end facilities related to sports. The projects include Ajnara Sports City, Supertech Sports Village and Jaypee Sports City

Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway have seen the advent of a number of property projects, some mid budget and some niche themed-developments. The striking ones among these are a bunch of sports-inspired property projects. While themed developments are a concept of the past, what makes these sports-focused projects interesting is that they are conceived as super-specialised projects in their category, aiming to provide all end-to-end requirements related to that particular theme.

Which are the sports themed developments in Noida?

  • Ajnara Sports City, Greater Noida (West)
  • Supertech Sports Village, Greater Noida (West)
  • Dev Sai Sports Home, Greater Noida (West)
  • Aarcity Sports City, Greater Noida (West)
  • SOHO Misty Heights Sports City, Greater Noida (West)
  • Jaypee Sports City, Expressway
  • Lotus Greens Tulip Sports City, Sector 150, Noida
  • Gaur Sports Wood, Sector 79, Noida


Where are they located?
Mostly in Greater Noida West where there is abundance of space and scope for niche developments to happen.  Noida central too has one or two such developments.

Why are they in demand?

  1. Super-specialised: Most of these projects have been envisaged to provide all end-to-end facilities related to sports.  For example, Supertech and Ajnara have jointly launched Sports Village and boasts of Sania Mirza’s tennis academy, Shikhar Dhawan’s cricket academy and Pullela Gopichand’s badminton academy. Other than these, there are regular amenities that encourage sports like green areas, gyms, clubs and swimming pool.

Similarly, the project of Aarcity is spread on more than 30 acres surrounded by sports facilities. Another project by Dev Sai has three-side open plots facing a golf course. Jaypee Sports City is being developed with Formula1 and go-carting, ICC cricket stadium, golf courses alongside hockey and football stadiums.

  1. Price point is attractive: Historically, themed developments have always been a hit with the buyers but they usually come with added cost, snob factor and out of the way payments. However, these sports themed projects at Noida region are still available at considerable reasonable price.

Consider this. The price for multistory apartment at Jaypee Sports City ranges between Rs 3,117 and Rs 3,475 per sq ft, whereas the average rates prevailing in this area range between Rs 2,500 and Rs 3,200 per sq ft.

  1. Abundance of choice: Property options in these projects range from 1BHK, studio apartments, 2BHK, 3BHK and 4 BHK to serviced apartments and penthouses. The facilities are at par and amenities are good too.
entertainment hub noida

Noida Set To Become Entertainment Hub

Noida’s infrastructure is being ramped up to accommodate new residents. Alongside, glitzy recreational options are being added to keep residents enthralled

Yojana Sharma
When Noida was established in the1976, the planners saw it as an extension of Delhi’s industrial corridors. Forty years later, Noida is among the most prominent cities in India and has extended up to Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway regions.

In these years Noida’s real estate segment saw an unprecedented growth. The city came to be known as the home for new settlers. And now Noida is quietly modifying its infrastructure to become an entertainment destination.

Multiple adventure zones in the offing
Presently, Noida has an adventure zone right next to The Great India Place mall, called the ‘Worlds of Wonder’. Right next to it, a new sprawling amusement zone called Kidzania is being built. Another ambitious Mall of Adventure has started operations in Greater Noida.

These are apart from the regular fun zones, game pools and kids’ corners that are operational in Noida malls. Also, recently Sanjay Lake in Mayur Vihar – Noida’s neighbouring area – was opened up for adventure seekers.

kids“Noida has a lot of potential in terms of entertainment,” says Pankaj Kodesia, vice president-business development at IRPPL Group – a parent body for Worlds of Wonder amusement park. “We saw double footfall this holiday season,” he says elaborating that they planned new activities to enthrall the guests. “We had a red-carpeted pathway decorated with string yellow lights illuminating the entrance to the amusement park where a twenty-foot tall Christmas tree stood.”

Spike in residential pushing the local infra
Between 2001 and 2011, Noida has seen a rise in population by almost 52 per cent. And this number is only growing with every passing year. With new residents come new demands in the existing infrastructure. Arun Kumar from Homes Now brokerage firm has been working in Noida region for a decade.

He says that now all new developments promise amusement options alongside.

“Earlier people were only concerned by the builder’s reputation or construction quality of the houses. Now they inquire for houses and locations that have all facilities nearby — mostly shopping, educational and recreational so that the kids don’t have to go too far to have a good time,” he says. And proximity to these fancy options comes at a cost, which many don’t mind paying for.


Noida or Ghaziabad: Where to invest?

While Ghaziabad has more affordable property options, Noida seems to promise a better lifestyle for home buyers given the city’s well-developed infrastructure

Noida and Ghaziabad are connected by NH 24 and are about 45-minute drive from each other. And both the destinations have been hot property centres for prospective buyers.

To help you choose between the two, HappyKeys gives a lowdown on what to expect when investing in these two cities.

The basic difference

While on the one hand Ghaziabad has more affordable options, Noida promises better lifestyle.

The basic cost in Ghaziabad comes out to be around Rs 30-35 lakh while projects in Noida are priced around Rs 40 lakh,” says Sued Shakeel of Sai Investors & Finance. “However, Noida has seen better infrastructure development in terms of roads and civic amenities. Plus, with more number of high-end projects, the numbers of retail options are more. Thus it gives Noida a better livability quotient as compared to Ghaziabad.


With Ghaziabad offering more options in the affordable and low-income housing category, if budget is a key factor, then the micro-markets here are a good option.

According to HappyKeys research, with locations such as Raj Nagar Extension, Crossings Republik, Ankur Vihar and Bhopura still offering properties in a price band of Rs 2,300-4,000 per square feet, Ghaziabad comes as an ideal choice for those with a limited budget.

In case Noida is your location of choice, the area does offer attractive rates primarily due to the ‘absorption’ rate. Some areas like the Yamuna Expressway and Noida Extension have large inventories and absorption seems to be continuing to be slow. Homes in areas with low absorption rate are less costly.

Real estate brokers however have a word of caution for prospective buyers in this market.

Buyers need to keep in mind homes in areas with low absorption rate but are suitable only for long-term investors and have a time frame of at least 5-10 years,” says S Rostogi of Rastogi Home Services. “Thus, ideally you should invest in such properties only if you are an end user with no plans to dispose the property in the near future.


Ghaziabad has been marked for development as a smart city. The development authority of Ghaziabad plans to put up informative LEDs running on solar energy, free Wi-Fi access to residents of Ghaziabad for a limited period in the future. Also currently, Ghaziabad is going through infrastructure development — from metro connectivity to flyovers and roads.

Noida on the other hand has already got fund allocations and several infrastructural projects are underway and nearing completion. This includes the likes of The Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) which has started work on the Noida-Greater Noida Metro.

Simultaneously, Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) plans to set up its own power plant, which will provide uninterrupted power supply to the region, which has already started the land allocation process.

The primarily difference between Ghaziabad and Noida today is that though the developers are offering similar projects, the latter has more established,” says Rastogi.

In Ghaziabad, large infrastructure development is either underway or has been planned.”

Availability of properties

Some of the established names with projects in Noida, according to HappyKeys, include the likes of Wegmans, the Lotus Group, Apex, Supertech and Jaypee. Broadly, the projects available begin from a rate of about Rs 37 lakh for a 2BHK and go upwards for luxury projects.

Well-known names with projects in Ghaziabad include ABA, Shipra, Amrapali and Wave City. The price range for a 2BHK starts from as low as Rs 27 lakh and goes as high as Rs 5-6 crore and above for high-end properties.

Property in-Noida

Where to get a flat below Rs 50 lakh in Noida

Expected to be completed in 2016-17, these projects are strategically located and many are by Category A developers  .

Looking for an apartment priced below Rs 50 lakh in Noida with good amenities and connectivity, strategic location and even some luxuries thrown in?

According to HappyKeys data, there are no less than 18 projects at various levels of development that offer 2BHKs and even 3BHKs below the Rs 50-lakh price tag. Expected to be completed in 2016-17, these projects are strategically located and often form a part of a bigger project. And many are by Category A developers. Some of the projects within the said budget include Supertech Ramona and Eco Village-4, Gaur City 1st, 4th and 6th Avenues, Sikka Karnam and Karmic Greens and Paramount Emotions.

The 2BHK options

For a budget below Rs 50 lakh, one can get a 2BHK unit of sizes varying from about 950-1,200 square feet in sectors 76-78, 118, 119, 116C, 120 and 143B and 144. Prices vary from about Rs 34 lakh to around Rs 47 lakh. The expected possession is generally within 2016-17.

The 3BHK offerings

There are also several developers who are offering 3BHKs in the less than Rs 50 lakh category as part of their projects.

Developers providing this option include Mahagun Fiddlewood in Noida Extension, Unnati’s Fortune World in addition to Supertech’s Eco Village 2 and 4.

Broadly, the 3BHKs within this budget come with a unit size of around 1,175-1,300 square feet. The price range Rs 42-49 lakh. The expected possession is by 2016-end or 2017.

Basic facilities offered in these projects include yoga and meditation centre, intercom facility, maintenance staff, parks and play areas for children, healthcare facilities and landscaped gardens. Lifestyle amenities available in several targeted projects include theme constructions, clubhouses, butterfly parks, and a couple of swimming pools per project.

Getting the most for the price
“When you are on a short budget and are looking to get the maximum out of your investment, it is best to choose an apartment that is part of a luxury project to get access to all the lifestyle amenities,” says PrakashVeer of Maztra Property Advisers. “Alternatively, one can opt for a Category B developer who provides larger built-up area per apartment.”

Experts believe it is a good time to buy a property in Noida. With the upcoming festival season, developers are ready to negotiate on price between 5-10 per cent and offer other freebies such as modular kitchen and wooden flooring.